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We Started with ONE IDEA!

Are you tired of the same old scenario where privately owned businesses get taken from the founders by big corporations only to be ruined by the ignorance and greed of its CEO's? Us too. That is why we created FIG. FIG is short for the Financial Independence Group. FIG was created by a little guy, for the little guy, to be successful in business in a BIG way. Together we are on a crusade to build a NEW business model that will actually make the business owner money and not simply line the pockets of some CEO who could care less about you and your family. We don't have fancy websites. We don't have a big corporate headquarters in Timbuktu. We don't even have a Learjet. What we do have is a low start-up, low overhead, proven system that will generate significant income fast and eventually provide residual income for you and your family for many years to come.

Our Program Will:

1. Place You into our Unique one of a kind Feeder Program.

2. Place Paying Members Into Your Business!

3. Build Profits FAST and Pay You as you go!

4. Buy $36 worth of products monthly with NO out of pocket cost.

5. Out of profit, automatically enter you into our nutritional company.

6. Supply you with capture pages, responders, banners & more!

All you ever pay is the One-Time Membership fee of $25.

Health and WEALTH!

The Company that we associate ourselves with is a Solid, International Nutritional Company that provides a very unique, life-changing, quality product at a very reasonable price!

We're all in Business to make money, but the products you will receive can go a long way towards keeping you healthy so you can enjoy the money you make all the more! COME AND BUILD A LIFETIME RESIDUAL INCOME WITH US!

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