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Marine Phytoplankton is a unique, live ultra-nutrient rich product similar to foods like chlorella and spirulina in that all three have been on our planet for billions of years. It’s likely to be the next biggest thing when it comes to superfoods, so if you haven’t heard about it until now, expect to be hearing a lot more in the near future.

Like all microalgae grown in the ocean, this particular strain was specifically chosen for its potent health benefits. It is only one of four species of Marine Phytoplankton found to be beneficial for human consumption.

This supercharged micro-algae is a living food and enzyme active. It contains every known mineral and all of the amino acids our body needs to achieve optimal health. It is also the original source of Omega-3s – even more powerful than the popular, well-known sources like fish or flax oil.

A very well laid-out video about the way the ocean supports the life of the entire planet. Marine phytoplankton is at the heart of the ocean’s cycles, and at the very bottom of the food chain. Take out phytoplankton… and everything else would die, including all life on land.

Giving Back... A portion of every purchase is donated to environmental marine research and development.

In addition to its powerful nutrients, minerals and amino acids it contains hundreds of different carotenoids as well as hundreds of potent phytochemicals. These elements work together to protect your body’s issues as well as to remove toxins and detoxify the blood. They can even reverse abnormal cell division that may lead to cancer. Marine Phytoplankton can help fight a long list of health conditions, with some including:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Type-2 diabetes
Heart disease
Skin disorders
Alzheimer’s and other age related diseases
Liver disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Infertility and other reproductive system disorders
Chronic pain, including joint pain

The list is nearly endless. Marine Phytoplankton may be one of your best weapons to use in battling premature aging as well as diseases and illness that can lead to premature death and a lower quality of life. Used as part of a lifestyle transformation program that includes avoiding dangerous chemicals and toxins and choosing fresh, living foods as natural medicine, you too can live a much better, longer and happier life. Click here to try a bottle Today!

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